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Kids bikes  -  With  good quality traditional bike from our shop you can be assured of a quality bike that's safe for your child. These bikes are perfect

BMX, Freestyle and Dirt jumping - Rugged neighborhood bikes for the rough and tumble rider. Jumping, dirt trails or just styling, These bikes are perfect.

Comfort Bikes - You are a novice and just want to get out and get a little exercise. Riding in the neighborhood, parks and the towpath is where I want to ride. These bikes are perfect

Hybrid or Cross Bikes - Do you want to ride a little longer or possibly explore the scenic back road terrain but don't want to ride one of those skinney tire, bent over handlebar handlebar bikes? A hybrid is a ligthtweight bike that is also dessigned for comfort. These bikes are perfect.

Cruisers - The ultimate in simplicity! Just want to cruize the boardwalk or maybe in your neighborhood with the kids.  These bikes are perfect.

Road Bikes - Tired of being left in the dust by people that have lighter bikes? Or you have a recreational bike and want to take up a notch and go on longer rides or possible ride with the local club. These bikes are perfect.